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About Raglan Floral Co.

Welcome flower lovers, my name is Kristel... mother, wifey, flower grower and floral designer for Raglan Floral Co. My journey officially began over 3 years ago when I decided that I wanted to explore the idea of growing flowers for a living. One thing led to another and to cut a long story short, my vision has turned into a reality! During that time I have spent countless hours playing with flowers and teaching myself floral design skills. I would call my style… slightly rustic, wild, lush and romantic. I grow a range of gorgeous, old fashioned annuals, perennials, foliage and textural elements in my 1 acre garden and nothing inspires me more than natures seasonal offerings! Watching a seed that Iv sown, grow into beautiful flowers that I get to pick in their prime and use in my design work is a feeling that never gets old. Keeping my florals as ecologically grown as possibly, I also have a passion for using sustainable floristry practises wherever I can.

About Us

Our Philosophy

Along with my own garden to harvest, I have an amazing network of local growers and NZ floral suppliers that I’m lucky enough to source from. I sell ‘everyday’ bouquets in my roadside stall outside 494B Wainui Road, Raglan, at the local Four Square on Bankart St in town, or you can order a special request bunch with free delivery within Raglan township through my online shop. Wedding and event florals are my all time fave, where I feel I can totally unleash my creativity. I love the process of getting to know my brides and over the course of time coming together to create a floral vision unique to them.